Tony Hawk’s Success Secrets

Monday night on The Big Idea, find out how skateboarding legend Tony Hawk made his way to the top.  He was a successful skateboarder at a young age and was able to buy his own house by the time he was 17.  By 18 he was earning a six-figure income and had toured the world twice.  But in the early 90’s hard times fell on Hawk and he thought he’d have to abandon his skateboarding career forever. 

Tonight Donny sits down with Hawk and shares how he re-ignited his career and went on to create a franchise that has sold in excess of $1 billion worldwide.  Also tonight, The Wiggles are back and bigger than ever!  They wanted to be rock stars but instead became megastars to kids all around the world.  Find out how they’re making millions their way. 

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