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Cadillac And Dylan: Blowin' In The Wind Or Car Salesman?


How much pull does Bob Dylan still have with baby boomers? Cadillac is banking on quite a bit.

The rock and folk singing legend begins a partnership with Cadillac that kicks off tomorrow with Dylan playing and discussing songs about Cadillac during his Theme Time Radio Hour on XM satellite radio.

Dylan is also featured with an '08 Escalade in a TV spot with online and print ads starting next month. In short, Caddy is getting the Dylan treatment.

This is all part of GM's effort to revitalize Caddy sales and bring back the momentum the brand has lost over the last year. Sales this year are down 10.1%, with car sales down 18.9%. Which is why GM is hoping Dylan can help bring attention to the redesigned CTS. The combination of Dylan and a major improvement in the CTS should help sales of the sedan pick up through the end of this year.

But beyond that, the broader question is how much Dylan will help Cadillac break through the "clutter" of ads for luxury cars. On that front I'm not sure this will work. Don't get me wrong, I love Dylan. But in this day and age, it takes something dramatically different to connect with buyers. And frankly, it's not just Cadillac but almost every automaker that struggles to convince buyers they should come in and try a particular car or truck.

I could be wrong. Those of you who read this blog know that I'm often wrong. But in this case, I just wonder if Dylan is singing the tune Cadillac needs to win.

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