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California's Fires: Some Lose Almost All, But Feel Lucky


You know the fires are everywhere when you wake up in the morning but no longer notice the smell of smoke. You've just gotten used to it. When you've given up trying to keep ash off of everything, even though the actual fires are miles away. When you put a Q-tip in your ear as part of your daily regimen, but what comes out is grayish black. Ok. Too much information.

Today I am thankful my current home is fine, as I talk to someone who's home is mostly totaled. Lincoln Juarez has lived in Canyon Country for six years. Ironically, he lives just up the street from the home I grew up in.

Southern California Ablaze

As he surveys the half of his house still standing, he looks at the complete loss across the street and feels lucky. "It'll all be taken care of," tells me after calling his insurance broker. "The only thing that hurts is I lost the Harley." Inside his garage is the blackened hulk of a Hog. "I only had it for a year, but it was a good year."

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