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Celebs, Moguls Caught Up in Malibu Flames

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Malibu is so beautiful, and so far from the grind of LA traffic, it's a natural fit for Hollywood moguls and celebrities who want peace and quiet on their private beach, and the ritziness of the local Malibu Country Mart, which of course is home to a Nobu sushi restaurant. The dozens of high powered Hollywood honchos and are now suffering from the terrible wildfires.

Suzanne Somers has been evacuated from her current temporary house, having relocated after a fire burned down her beachfront Malibu house at the beginning of this year. Sean Penn is another celeb to suffer the wrath of the flames twice. His Malibu house was destroyed in 1993 by a fire. He didn't rebuild, but put two trailers up on the same spot. Courtney Cox and David Arquette's house is right there in the mix. And TMZ is reporting that Tori Spelling's inn was evacuated.

And it's not just celebs--some of Hollywood's biggest moguls live out there--the beach is nicknamed 'Deal Beach' or 'Billionaires Beach.' I take these moguls settling down out there as a sign of power that they don't need to be so close to their office buildings.

Dreamworks' Jeffrey Katzenberg took matters into his own hands--with private firemen coating his property with flame-retardant foam. A classic move from Katzenberg, one to take control. His partner David Geffen bought and renovated the Malibu Beach Inn--now he's opening it up to evacuees and firefighters.

Between this and a looming Hollywood Strike, it's a bad week in La La land.

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