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Wanted: Doctor of Wii (You Can Make Some Big Bucks)


Want to make a lot of money? Be the James Andrews of Wii injuries. With 9.3 million Wiis already sold and projected 22.3 million to be sold worldwide by March, the first doctors to advertise as Wii specialists will make a mint. Trust me, I have the worst Wii injury of my life right now and I'm ready to see a Wii doctor.

You see, I have a slight rotator cuff issue thanks to playing too much EA Playground, which comes out today and retails for $39.99. I've played most sports games for the Wii and this is hands down the best.

Here's how it works. You're a kid in a playground and your goal is to become king of the playground, collecting stickers as you challenge other kids in an variety of great games.

My favorite is tetherball, but there's also dodgeball, wall ball and paper airplane racing.

If you're a stockholder of EA -- ERTS is the symbol for those scoring at home -- you have to feel great about this game. EA's problem was the same problem that Nike had years ago in that it was investing in all this technology and what kids mostly wanted were the white Air Force 1's with no technology at all.

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EA found itself in that same world--games like Madden and FIFA where technology and that real life look was king. And then the Wii took off and they had to accept that they'd have to go back to simplifying the games, making them look like games you could have seen almost 20 years ago.

For stockholders this is good, something that "Fast Money's" Jeff Macke has picked up on, because Wii games cost so much less to make. Nintendo's making so much money, but trust me on this, so too will the guy or gal that becomes the first doctor of Wii.

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