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Bob Dylan And Caddy: Not Exactly A Hit With You

Volkswagon Ad featuring Slash.

Wow. A car company signs up Bob Dylan to pitch cars, I blog about it, and it's clear some of you do not like the idea of Dylan and Caddy riding together.

In Tuesday's blogI talked about Cadillac signing a deal with Bob Dylan that includes the rock and folk legend pitching Cadillac's. It's my opinion that this celebrity pitchman won't do much to help Cadillac break through the "clutter" of luxury car ads and connect with buyers. Well, some of you also think Dylan is not the guy to sell Caddy's.

George wrote, "Can't see Dylan driving a Cadillac. Most successful men don't identify with have to be sober most of your life in the real world to gain any financial success. I drive a Cadillac Escalade...I would rather identify with George Clooney. GM is really blowing this one."

Gary added, "No! No! I may still buy his music but never a land tank, err Cadillac. 'Cadillac, for those too dumb to buy a BMW or Lexis' would be a better ad.....Are there any recent studies on commercials as a product turn off?"

That last question had me wondering when was the last time I saw a celebrity pitching a car that truly worked. When Guns and Roses guitarist Slash hooked up with Volkswagen last year, it generated some "noise" with the auto press, but it was not a tune that matched up with buyers. Ford claims Toby Keith has helped it stay in the forefront of the minds of truck buyers, but I wonder how much it really helped sales.

So you tell me, do celebrity endorsements actually matter anymore with car, truck, and SUV buyers? Personally, I have to wonder. After all, I personally find the Tiger Woods Buick ads entertaining, but they never, ever came close to making me consider buying a Buick. Heck, they didn't even make me consider Buick when I was buying a new car two years ago.

Am I alone, or do you think celebrity car ads still matter? E-mail, and let me know your thoughts.

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