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David Ortiz: My Interview With "Big Papi"

David Ortiz

Right before his big Game 1 performance last night, I sat down with the most marketable player on the Red Sox--David Ortiz.

With the big bat and the great smile, he's the guy everyone wants to hug. This 31-year-old from the Dominican Republic has the most to gain if the team wins its second title in four years. Ortiz currently has deals with Reebok,XM Radio, Vitaminwater and Sharp Electronics and Hallmark is coming out with Ortiz ornaments in time for the holidays.

Darren: Why are commercials and endorsements good for your career?

David: It's the other part of you that people get to know, when you're out there doing commercials. That one of the reasons people know about Big Papi.

Darren: What your criteria for accepting an endorsement deal?

David: So let's say Sharp. I got Sharp TV's all over my house and you know they look pretty cool. Same with Vitaminwater. I drink Vitaminwater 24-7. And XM. I got XM all over my house."

Darren: How much does the "Big Papi" nickname do for you?

David: I think it's cool. I just heard big guy screaming, "Big Papi, Big Papi." But its good. I feel confident and comfortable calling me "Big Papi" and what else can I do?

Here's the video of the my interview:

Big Papi Power

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