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California Wildfires: My Notes From The Fire Line


Notes from the fire line:

--There's nothing quite like the smell of smoke mixed with the smell of portable toilets.

--By late Thursday, it seemed most of the evacuees still at Qualcomm Stadium were homeless BEFORE the fires.

--I wonder how these fires might help boost business for online photo storage sites like Shutterfly, since so many people lost irreplaceable memories.

--I'm in a decimated avocado grove today. I hope you like your Super Bowl guacamole fire-roasted this year.

--Stayed at a very expensive hotel the other night which gave me a $99 "fire rate" even though I told them I'm no victim, just a reporter. They still gave me the rate. Later I called my husband on the phone in my room. 19 minutes=$42.50. No break there.

--Why do nearly half the farmers in this state have no crop insurance?

--Why does an affluent, populous county like San Diego have no county fire department? Why does the city of San Diego have only one water-dropping helicopter?

--I need to soak in a big tub of moisturizer. I've aged ten years this week skin-wise (don't even wanna know what my lungs look like). Fake Jane would not be pleased.

From Janice O., a response to my blog on insurance agents as heroes:
"After Isabelle on the Virginia coast I too had a good response from my insurance and a first check cut quickly. It does make you cry."

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