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Getting Ready to Go On the Road with Warren Buffett, Rock Star


is ready for her whirlwind trip to Asia with Warren Buffett.  I just ran into her in the hallway and she tells me she's leaving for Omaha in just a few minutes.

Earlier this morning, she previewed the voyage on CNBC's Squawk Box, which she co-anchors, and which will be featuring her TV reports from the road.

Here's the video clip and a transcript:

Becky & Buffett

: Starting tomorrow, it is an exclusive worth the trip.  We're going around the world with Warren Buffett, and it is only right here on Squawk Box (and Warren Buffett Watch.) 

Let's face it, investing in the stock market isn't exactly always as exciting as maybe, say, singing in a rock and roll band.  And if you're an investing pro, you're not going to draw crowds like a rock star.  Unless, of course, you're Warren Buffett.  The Oracle draws crowds everywhere he goes, from Omaha to Israel.

Now Buffett's on a whirlwind tour and we're the only ones going along with him for the ride.  Tomorrow we'll start in Omaha, Nebraska.  Then it's on to Dalian, China where he'll cut the ribbon to open his new factory.  Next stop: Daegu, South Korea.  All of this before we head back home, all in under 60 hours.

I'm leaving for Omaha this morning.  That's where we'll be leaving for China with Warren Buffett.  We take off early tomorrow morning.  And, again, this is a whirlwind tour, around the world.  It starts tomorrow and we're going to bring you every leg of the trip.  We're going to do this whole trip in about 60 hours.

Carl Quintanilla:  When are we going to see you?  Tomorrow?

Becky: Tomorrow, we'll feed back some video from our takeoff in Omaha.  We'll feed that material as we can along the way, and I'll email you guys updates along the way.  And I'll be on the phone.  They've got fireworks planned for him, this whole big dinner.

Carl: It's amazing that for so long people thought of him an a domestic investor.  He's really gone international.

Becky:  Yes.  You were there with him in Irsael.  In fact, some of that footage we just used was when you traveled with him to Israel to find some of the stuff taking off.  We're going to find out what he thinks of these foreign markets, whether that's where the opportunities are, if they're still here domestically.  I have a lot of questions for him.

Joe Kernen:  He's definitely much more open to interviews and the press.  I can remember years ago ..

Becky: .. when he wouldn't do this.

Joe: Yes.

Becky: We'll be peeking behind the curtain a little.


Geography Note: The map in the video clip shows Buffett and Becky traveling across the Atlantic to get to Asia.  They will actually take a shorter route across the Pacific.

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