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Lightning Round: Goldman Sachs, Ford, Terex and More

Goldman Sachs : Everyone in financials got the mortgage market wrong, except for Lloyd Blankfein, that is. Cramer’s likes GS, and he thinks the stock is going to $300.

Covance : Cramer is bullish on Covance.

USEC : Cramer would rather see investors in Shaw Group . ABB and Foster Wheeler are further down the food chain but still worth a look, he said.

Ford : At $8, the stock’s too cheap, Cramer said. He recommends Ford.

Starent Networks : “It’s not working.”

Vasco Data Sec : Don’t buy, Cramer said. He doesn’t think it’s going down.

Umpqua Holdings : If the Fed cuts, this stock’s a winner, Cramer said. If not, UMPQ’s not worth it.

Odyssey Marine : “I don’t want you in that.” It’s too speculative, Cramer said.

FuelCell Energy : “Sell, sell, sell!”

Terex : The quarter wasn’t good, so Cramer can’t recommend buying TEX.

Par Pharmaceuticals : Cramer doesn’t like generic drug companies, so he said to sell PRX.

Palm : “I do not like Palm. I think it can go lower.”

Jim’s charitable trust owns Goldman Sachs.

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