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See What People Are Saying On Oct. 26th


Hi Everyone -

On Wednesday I asked you what you thought of the "Rapid Recap." Specifically I wanted to know "Do you think the Web Extra strikes the right balance between trades and other insights?

The results were almost split down the middle.

Yes - 53%

No - 47%

Here are some of your comments...


Yeah, sure it's overdone at times - but it wouldn't be Web extra if it wasn't. Don't change anything!!

-Paul K from CT


I like the Web Extra. You get to see these hard working people cut up a little bit.... Nobody pays for this bonus material so fast forward if you do not like it or just watch Larry
Kudlow he's not cute.   

-Quentin H. from FL


I think all the cutting up is a little excessive. Most the time its seven minutes of non sense and 15 seconds of valid information. At least start off the segment with the valid information then at least those who don't want all the non sense can turn it off and those who want comic relief can stay tuned.

-Marshall B.


I do enjoy a little goofing around, but a 15 second trade out of a web extra of over 8 minutes seems excessive at times.

- Leo K.


While I find the traders enchanting, Tuesdays web extra was ridiculous.  We are here to talk about stocks. Like so many things it is a balance.  At times you folks have gotten a little too chippy and you have probably moved too far to the fun side of the equation but for the most part I find the “personal” stuff more or less enjoyable, an unending stream of fast fire trader talk can be tedious.

- Trey W.


The show and the Web Extra are often a bright spot in my day, and to those who think you all aren't serious enough, remind them that jocularity is not a sign of a lack of seriousness!  Keep on Keepin' on

- Pat from CA


That was a grueling 8:16. Gave me an idea of what my upcoming colonoscopy is going to be like.Trades...trades...trades !!

Joel, CT


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