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Cheeseburgers in China


CNBC's Becky Quick traveled exclusively with Warren Buffett on a whirlwind tour of China and South Korea.  All this morning on Squawk Box, she is reporting in-depth on the trip and what it tells us about Buffett's investment philosophy.

In this report, Becky shows us the warm, and sometimes wild, reception Buffett received in China and we see how he handled the local cuisine.

Becky:  There were bands ... mobs of reporters .. flowers and gifts from local authorities .. and even fireworks.  It's not exactly the type of greeting that a business traveler might expect when arriving in Asia. 

But when you are a billionnaire investor, and your name is Warren Buffett .. well, you get used to this type of reception.  At least, sort of.

Obviously, when you show up in a private jet, you get a little bit of special treatment.  Like .. no lines at customs.  Greetings from the mayor of whatever city you're in.  And a police escort.

But even for billionaires, it's not always easy. 

Leaving China, not quite as easy as getting in.  And adjusting to foreign cultures can be difficult.  Take the 12 course meals of the local cuisine.  It's a little rich for a man who's used to eating a very limited diet, most Cherry Cokes, burgers and french fries.

Warren (at luncheon): I'm 77 years old and I haven't learned to use chopsticks. (Laughs.)

Becky: Six courses into lunch with the Mayor of Dalian, Buffett finally gets the meal he's been waiting for.  But he seems to thrive on all of it, and he does it on very little rest.

Warren: I'm having a lot of fun.  It's terrific.  I mean, in the last, what, 55 hours, I've slept, what, 10?  But that's fine, I'm ready to go. (Laughs).

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