Funny Business with Jane Wells

Mozilo, Bernanke Do 'The Housing Hula' And Your Emails


Now that I'm back at my computer I see you've been responding to all kinds of Funny Business posts...(though I'm still honoring the reader-requested moratorium on Ann Coulter feedback). Check out this link about Angelo Mozilo and Ben Bernanke which made me laugh.Thanks to Ed L. for forwarding it.

On the post about the man who's created a strip you put inside your cheek to get rid of hangovers (with plans to create a strip with alcohol on it), Ryan M. writes:
"Imagine, you could put the alcohol one on one cheek and the hangover cure on the other! I think one's mouth would explode."

On my story detailing the damage to crops by the fires, revealing that nearly half of California's farmers do not have crop insurance, Mike N. writes:
"Those farmers should have insurance just for the Murphy's law theory. Same reason I carry an umbrella on a sunny day."

From Julia B., on the fires which devastated Rancho Bernarndo, in San Diego:
"My parents live in Rancho Bernardo. All I've heard and seen on the news out here (New York) is how bad it is in that community. All I see is devastation. According to the news we're getting, it has seemed that none of RB is standing. That's been the hardest part.. not knowing... being afraid to find out... finding it hard to even pray. Thanks for showing us some houses there that are in tact. It gives me hope."

Regarding the blog I wrote on how everyone arrives late and leaves early for events in LA like the Eagles/Dixie Chicks concert, from Linda M.:
"I'd never seen the Eagles before and loved the show...The Dixie Chicks were really annoying .. didn't introduce each other or the band and made a "joke" about the fires. I would have skipped the opening act had I known. I went to see Jackson Browne/Tom Petty a couple of years ago and most people didn't come for the opening act. I go to a lot of shows and that's usually how it is unless the opener is really good. Didn't leave early, never do, even for Dodger games. I don't mind the traffic..."

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