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Mad Mail: Where Are the Rest of the Candidates?


Dear Super-Inquisitor Cramer: What an excellent job interviewing Mitt Romney! I know you don’t get into politics on the show but Friday was great. Finally, a candidate being asked cogent questions and being compelled to respond intelligently about something I know and understand instead of the usual plastic debate mumbo-jumbo. You did give him the direct questions – no softballs and no gotchas. You were superb!!! I wonder whether other candidates would be willing to face your same forceful questions. I think you should not hesitate to have them as guests if they are willing. This just might be important to us, your viewers… --Ben

Cramer's Mad Mail

Cramer says: “I would welcome all of them … I think Mitt understood what the show is about. Maybe the other [candidates], if they put the show on, would understand we’re trying to do something different here.”


Dear Jim: You’ve said that it’s caused for concern when a stock’s short interest exceeds 20%. I have a position in Hologic , but noticed that the short interest is an incredible 37%. Are the shorts set up for a big squeeze or is this something we should be concerned about? --Fred

Cramer says: The situation in HOLX is all about arbitrage. People are shorting the stock and buying the target and when they come together that’s how they make money.


Dear Jim: I was a little surprised about your buy recommendation on Skechers , given only the background info you provided. What I wonder is, what has happened in the Skechers business management that has justified such a drastic position change by you? Yes, the numbers for the past quarter are good, but is that due to internal business changes or due to external variables such as the unusual warm weather this fall for what, in the stores, appears to be warm weather footwear? --Michael

Cramer says: It wasn’t until this past quarter that SKX got its international business “up and ramping.” The company suffered from the wrong inventory at the wrong time, according to Cramer, but now it has it right.

Dear Jim: When will Six Flags turn around? They have the highest customer satisfaction rating in the industry yet they're spiraling downward. It's got me in the house of pain. Thanks Jim, and a great Iowa State Cyclone BOOOYAAAH to ya! BTW - Thanks for the tip on Monsanto - I rang the register and took my initial investment off the table for a huge gain! --Bill

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