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The march toward $100 oil is fueling a global wealth boom. Petrodollars in the Middle East and Russia have become the driving force behind total foreign spending power that's expected to expand by a trillion dollars each year to nearly $8 trillion in 2011, according to Merrill Lynch.

Where is the money going? So far, American exchanges like the NASDAQ, where earlier this year, the government of Dubai bought a 20% stake.

Where's it headed next?

John D’Agostino, subject of the new book “Rigged: The True Story of an Ivy League Kid Who Changed the World of Oil, from Wall Street to Dubai”joins the panel to help answer that question.

Where do you believe the money will go next?

Follow the Oil Wealth

In China, there’s a big emerging middle class that wants “stuff”. Luxury goods and consumer staples are the plays, says D’Agostino.

In the Middle East it’s a different story. What they want is to be a part of the global capitalist system. That’s why they’re buying NASDAQ and OMX and anything that injects them into global liquidity.

D’Agostino adds, so what’s the next play? The next play is.. the financial innovators. The banks and brokers.

Are you suggesting Qatar would aspire to own Bear Stearns.

Yes, Saudi was a buyer of Citigroup, absolutely replies D’Agostino.

As a trader how do you get infront of that idea?

I think investors should own Standard Bank in South Africa, in anticipation of Chinese sovereign money coming in and looking to own that bank, says Tim Seymour. However, I wouldn’t play the American banks because the Chinese are concerned about regulatory issues, Tim adds.

Follow The Oil Wealth

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