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Shopping for Stock Ideas at Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart’s blowout quarter Tuesday might have been a goldmine for the company, even for the retail sector, but for Cramer it was a goldmine of ideas.

Go-Go Gadgets

On the conference call, Wal-Mart said “electronics will continue to be strong for us this Christmas in such items as televisions, GPS units, digital cameras, video games and computers” – all of which sound like the perfect chance for some classic Mad Money pin action.

If video games are doing well for Wal-Mart, they must be fabulous for GameStop, Cramer said. The stock is down about $7 from its high, but the dedication and buying power of gamers, who tend to be older, should keep this retailer’s business buzzing.

The rest of Wal-Mart’s sales drivers weren’t quite as attractive to Cramer, though. Digital cameras got the thumbs down because Cramer’s not a fan of the Japanese companies that make them. Garmin is best of breed in the GPS space, but the bidding war with TomTom over Tele Atlas is putting pressure on the stock. And though Hewlett-Packard is Cramer’s favorite PC maker, Wal-Mart isn’t one of the tech bellwether’s big customers. (Dell would be the better play here, even though Cramer likes HPQ better.)

But what about TVs? Cramer likes Corning. Read about his pick here.

Now Homegamers know why Cramer emphasizes how important it is to listen to the conference call. It’s where he gets some of his best ideas.

Jim's charitable trust owns Corning and Hewlett-Packard.

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