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The Best Gift For Your Kids

Stocks for your Stocking

The single best thing a parent can get their kids this holiday season is a single share of stock, Cramer said on Monday’s Mad Money. But not just any company will do. Cramer thinks the best stocking stuffer stock for any kid is Viacom .

The point of buying kids just one share of stock isn’t to make them rich. It’s to get them interested in the market so they’ll learn about investing and be good at dealing with money as adults.

So why Viacom? It’s a company children can engage with, according to Cramer. From Nickelodeon to MTV to Paramount, Viacom has some of the best child-related properties around. Furthermore, Cramer thinks it’s got a good chance to go higher.

Ever since it split from CBS , Viacom has been cheap, he said. It also has a catalyst hidden in plain sight in its ownership of the video game Rock Band. Activision’s wildly popular Guitar Hero shows how robust the market is for these types of games. And the news of Vivendi’s $10 billion stake in Activisionis more evidence that the video game industry is truly in bull market mode. Anchored by Rock Band, Viacom’s game division could easily be worth far more than anyone thought, Cramer said.

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