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The “Sane Choice” in Retail

Just how weak is retail? Jeff Macke and Howard Davidowitz of Davidowitz & Associates had differing views on Thursday’s “Closing Bell.”

Investors would be wise to drastically reduce their exposure to the retail sector, Davidowitz said. December will be tough, even with a Christmas bounce, but “it’s going to get a lot worse next year,” he said.

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Jeff Macke, known for his overall bearishness on retail, said that there could be some stocks amidst the rubble that are worth owning, if only for the tailwinds from a “Santa Claus rally” going into the holidays. He would buy best-of-breed names like Target (TGT) or Costco (COST) or even Gap (GPS) because expectations there are so low.

The "Sane Choice" in Retail

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