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Readers Ain't LUV-ing My Southwest Blog


More responses to my comments on Southwest's new boarding policy!

From David J:

"I think what Jane is saying is -- basically people are too stupid to learn to stand in line if they have to learn to count above the number 10 without removing their shoes?"

From Greg K:

"I found their new boarding system completely understandable and so much better than the old system (no more waiting in line--at all). My dear! The problem is not with Southwest, the problem is with STUPID people, which is usually the problem with most anything. If people would just take that extra second or two and think (oh my god!) without immediately reacting, we would be a whole lot better off in so, so many ways. Carry on (no pun intended)...."

From John B., a captain for Southwest (best use of the word "viscosity" in an e-mail):

"The new boarding system was designed specifically to prevent people from having to stand in line for long periods of time before boarding. I don't believe you pointed out the fact that the new system is effective in reducing that time standing in the gate area.

I also have a brief comment about the savvy traveler, like yourself. The savvy traveler really needs little direction once inside the airport -- about anything. The infrequent traveler is basically totally lost. This is the person who asks me where baggage claim is, while standing under the "Baggage Claim this way" sign. Or the person who will ask TSA if their flight is on time. They are late, agitated, anxious and impatient. We will have to explain our boarding system to them forever. You seem to have it down now.

A savvy person avoids viscosity in life. Southwest will never invent a system that requires no thinking. We care and we are getting better. We have less standing, more comfortable seating at the gate, and the option to upgrade to Business Select, which allows you the opportunity to board at the front of the line. I think our system makes sense, actually, both to the passenger and for our bottom line. I think that is the whole story."

From Bill, a Southwest employee:

"Of course, I'm biased, but this new boarding procedure is much better than having to board in line and set up a camping spot before others beat you an hour before the flight. It used to be a mess. Now I can relax in the new seating area until 2 minutes before I board. Get in line and walk on. Simple concept, so I cant see how you see that it is worse now. It's puzzling."

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