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See What People Are Saying On Tues Jan. 8th

What's your opinion on solar stocks? They have had such a huge run up in price. Is now a good time to get in and is the huge run up justified?
Do you recommend any?

-- David

Thanks for the note David. Although I don't know how the traders feel about solar today, I can tell you that Jon Najarian talked about them on December 31st. I thought you might be interested in reading the post, so I've included a link below.

-- Lee Brodie

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It is interesting to know that of all the declines (in the stock market), only two extended into the 8th year (of a decade).  Will this year make the third time? The market sure has its problems with the subprime, recession, etc.

I believe the 8th year of the decade (typically) has been the second strongest year in gains for the DJIA.

-- Richard M.

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