Behind the Wheel with Phil Lebeau

Detroit Rocks! Stars And Cars On Stage

Kid Rock rocked Detroit Saturday night with an inspired concert to cap off General Motors' Style event.  Rock, Mary J. Blige and Maroon 5 performed for a packed house while the latest GM models rolled up and down a model runway. When Kid Rock hit a high moment with Chevy's new Corvette ZR1 being hoisted in the air, GM execs had to love it.

I watched Kid rock after earlier talking with actress Kim Cattrall at the Mercedes Benz party to unveil it's Vision GLK. Cattrall dives the SUV in her upcoming movie, "Sex and the City".  She told me that she loved the GLK's capacity and style.

While these stars took center stage Saturday, one of the main attractions Sunday is Dodge corralling 150 steer that will stampede – so to speak -- through downtown Detroit, as part of the unveiling of the new Dodge Ram pick-up.

Most impressive show so far?  Easily the GM style event. Kid Rock being a Michigan native went all out to put on a good show. His energy matched the buzz Detroit's auto show creates for car and truck fans. 

Later today, I’ll have Toyota's next "big" thing.

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