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Reader Poll: Gas Prices Dragging Down Economy?

For me, any relief coming from Washington will be too little too late. When I’m spending $100 a week more to fuel up my two midsize cars, that is the root of the problem. That’s $400 a month less that we have to save for a vacation, going to the movies, etc.

Or walk into any supermarket and you can see the effect of the fuel increases. Fruit is now two or even three times the price it was only one year ago!

Talk about relief coming from Washington!

-- Bill K. from New Jersey

Thanks for the note Bill. The high price of gas  is something we talk about from time to time on the Rapid Recap. But I think it's worth another post. And that leads us to our question of the day. Do you think the high price of gas is the main factor behind any economic downturn?

Tell us now! You can either answer the poll question or send us a message at