Actress Turned Entrepreneur Phoebe Cates

By Phoebe Cates
I just finished taping my favorite show “The Big Idea.” Donny Deutsch has been a huge influence and inspiration to me. I am a true fan of the show and really credit the recent growth of my business to being an avid watcher. (Take note- I am wearing my Big Idea electric pants on the show! See how they match the background?  I come up with some of my BEST ideas when I “don” them - - get it?!). It’s Donny this and Donny that. My family is really sick of it! Seriously, it was a real first for me- being interviewed as an entrepreneur.

After having been an actress for years and a then a full-time mom for the last 13 years (and counting) these last few years have been an interesting ride. About 3 years ago I opened my store Blue Tree it is a whimsical department boutique filled with interesting gifts, clothing, home items, jewelry, etc. culled from all over the globe. I was really psyched when I was able to bring a lot of items from the store and showcase some of my favorite illuminated, hand-carved Lucite bags by artist Joyce Francis!  

Most recently I have been designing and producing all kinds of items exclusively for the store.  Next month a pair of Blue Tree earrings are going to be on the cover of O Magazine on Oprah herself!  MORE BIG NEWS  -- The Moon necklace and charms which I co-designed with the artist Pablo Valencia are debuting in the Neiman Marcus catalogue in a few weeks. I am so excited to be teaming up with Brian Cyntrynbaum of Majestic to launch our first line of clothing this fall!

And last but not least- Blue Tree’s soy based candle has been selling by the truckload- even the Donny Deutsch producers are burning them in the green room as I type this!  I love my new life as a shopkeeper. I am a real people person and love the fact that after years of acting out “roles” (even the role of Phoebe Cates, the actress), I can now be completely myself.  My fabulous and glamorous store manager, Ivana, and I (along with the rest of our lovely staff) love nothing more than greeting customers- helping them find the perfect gift for a friend or helping them put together a kick- ass outfit.

Anyway- I agree with Donny when he says “Just do it!” It worked for me- so for all you budding entrepreneurs out there- what’s taking you so long?

- Phoebe