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Brady, Woods, Manning, Obama Or Me?

It's curious where your mind goes when you have a two hour lay-over in an airport. I've spent a good portion of my life the last decade sitting in airports all over the world. Accounts for the twitch.

I just picked up a copy of the New York Times, from Sunday I think, and noticed an article about Tom Brady and Eli Manning, the two quarterbacks in the Super Bowl this Sunday. The article has something to do with "style", as in "Brady has a Brazilian model girlfriend, and Manning is engaged to his college sweetheart", that kind of deep, insightful reporting.

Someone is quoted in there as saying that if they were to "come back", presumably from "the other side" and not from the bathroom, that they would want to come back as Brady. He's got more "style" apparently. That and a current affinity for Brazil.

Me, I'd want to come back as Tiger Woods. Acknowledging an international touch here, Woods is married to a Swedish lady, the reason is his uncanny ability to do what he sets out to do. "Focus" is an over used term in our world, but not in Woods' case. He's better at what he does that either Brady or Manning are at what they do and he does it with a certain adult, mature, "style" so often missing.

I've never been a big Woods fan actually, but I've grown to appreciate the greatness he brings to what he does. By the way, let's keep that in context shall we? He's the best golfer in the world, yes. The best of all time? He could turn out to be that, but "all time" hasn't happened yet.

Which leads my jet lagged weary brain to Barack Obama. It could be the multi-cultural, multi-racial backgrounds they share, but when I think of Woods these days I also think about Obama. The Senator from Illinois seems to be on a roll, but does he have the Woods kind of focus? The Woods penchant for closing out his opponents? The Woods "style"?

He gives a good speech. But hey, there are golfers with prettier swings than Tiger Woods. They just don't win.

We'll see. Oh, and Eli, it's okay, the college sweetheart thing. I married mine too.

"MOA" is on the road in New Orleans this week. You can see the video versions of our travels on "Power Lunch" on CNBC.

And Tom, lose the scarf. Geez....

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