Yahoo R.I.P.? Tech Analyst Ain't Crying

Greg Levine

Yahoo shares have continued to slide over the past year. Is the world's top Internet destination doomed?

Not according to Rob Sanderson, analyst at American Technology Research, who told CNBC why he has a "buy" rating for the Web portal company.

Despite Yahoo's seeming stagnation on every front from technological innovation to acquisitions, Sanderson insists the firm has great potential: "There is real value there that should be unlocked."

He praised Yahoo's "competitive position" in, which "may well become the dominant Internet company in China."

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The analyst eschews talk of a death-battle among Internet titans such as eBay, and Microsoft's MSN, despite their often warring with overlapping weapons -- think search, e-mail and social networking: "There is definitely room for both a Google and a Yahoo" in the Web space, he says.

Sanderson has a $41 price target for Yahoo by year's end.