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Bald Is Beautiful on Wall Street: Part 2

The Case for Intuitive Surgical

If Exxon Mobile's most recent quarter was "hairy," then Intuitive Surgical's report was anything but.

On Monday's Mad Money, Cramer explained how Wall Street refers to less-than-perfect earnings as those "with hair on them." Take Exxon Mobile , for example. The oil bellwether posted a huge beat, but it was fueled by unsustainable one-time gains.

Wall Street gushed with praise: "Another Da Vinci Masterpiece," Deutsche Bank said. "4Q results were impressive; Hard to argue with stellar results," said Jeffries. The accolades were in sharp contrast to traders' response to Exxon: Shares dropped 45 cents Friday on the report.

"It's all about the hair, or lack thereof," Cramer said. "ISRG's baldness is beautiful, and I say buy, buy, buy."

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