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Last week on FastMoney it was reported that if $1 was invested in the S&P 500 starting in 1996, with a buy and hold strategy the person would now have $16.58.  If the person missed the five best trading days each year, the the person would have 11 cents.  However, it the person missed the five worse trading days each year, the person would have over $2,500.00. Would you please tell me where these results were published if they have been published?  

-- Del B.

Hi Del, You're referring to something we talked about when Suze Orman visited the show. I know the results are from if that helps.

And also, I think the example was 1966... not 1996 but following is a link to the interview. Hope this helps.

>Hold On Loosely (interview with Suze Orman)

-- Lee Brodie

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