Behind the Wheel with Phil Lebeau

Car "Experts": I Want To Hear From You

I often hear this from people as I walk around auto shows: "I'm pretty smart...I know my cars." It seems like everyone is a car expert, but how many really are so knowledgeable that they do influence others about what vehicles they drive?

According to a new poll by Harris Interactive, 19 percent of those surveyed consider themselves "very" or "extremely knowledgeable" about cars, trucks and SUVs. Eighty-two percent are men, and more than half earn more than $75,000 a year.

What interesting about the Harris poll is that it puts some numbers on the type of buyer the automakers crave as customers. The "influencers" are those who sway friends, neighbors, relatives about what those people should drive.

But knowing that group, and actually winning over that group are two different things. Some automakers (like BMW) do a very good job attracting influencers. Others do not.

So I'm curious: do you consider yourself to be an "influencer." E-mail me at behindthewheel@cnbc.comand let me know why.

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