New York Giants Take Wall Street--Watch the Video

The New York giants continued to celebrate their Super Bowl victory by making their way down to Wall Street, where the city is holding a tickertape parade.

Giants co-owners Steve Tisch and Steve Mara stopped by the New York Stock Exchange to ring the opening bell, where they talked to CNBC.

Super Bowl Tuesday

Before the Bell

Giants co-owner Steve Tisch said he was still trying to process that his team defeated the Patriots. He described the win as being "surreal, bizarre, fascinating, awesome, unbelievable and thrilling.”

Super Bowl Champs at the NYSE

After the Bell

After ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange, Giants co-owners Steve Tisch and Steve Mara came down to discuss the business implications of a Super Bowl win. Tisch said the win will likely “invite a lot of interest from sponsors” as the Giants and the Jets build a new stadium in New Jersey. (Click here for more on the business of the Super Bowl.)

Giant Celebration for NY

Parade Preview

CNBC’s Darren Rovell reports from the ticker-tape parade. It's the first ticker-tape parade New York City has seen since the Yankees won the World Series in 2000.

Superbowl Parade

Scenes from the Parade

CNBC’s Dylan Ratigan and Darren Rovell report from the start of the ticker-tape parade. Over 50 tons of paper will be thrown out of windows in lower Manhattan during the parade, with 138 sanitation workers sent in to clean it all up.