Portfolio Boss: Buy Trends, Not Headlines

Andrew Fisher

David Magee has a tip for investors who don't want to stay on the sidelines when the markets are down.

"We prefer secular stories now, versus more cyclically-oriented stories," the principal and portfolio manager of Magee Thomson Investment Partners told CNBC.

In other words, look at durable trends, not flashy headlines.

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"I would prefer to go with names that have more emergent growth, like MasterCard, where you have trends you can play," Magee said.

What kind of trends are those?

"The overall trend toward plastic, and away from cash, the emerging markets taking hold of that theme, the developing world," he explained.

Magee also likes Monsanto.

"What we like about it is their long-term technological platform," he said. "They have at least a two-year lead on their competitors in the germ-plasm and genetic engineering area in agriculture.  We think that's a very long-term theme."