Two-Way Street

Sound Off: What's Your Money Issue?

What's your most important money issue in the election? More to the point, especially on this critical Super Tuesday week, are the candidates addressing it?

Even more to the point, are they addressing it well? (

The state of the economy is weighing on the market's mind. And according to a recent poll, the economy is now the public's Number One concern. But I'm guessing on a personal level for a lot of people ... well, readers, at least ... the core money issue is taxes. Taxes are a natural part of the investor equation and it's that time of year: The W-2's are arriving.

So I'm asking.

Of course, the candidates know taxes are a flashpoint. Most of them claim they support low taxesin one way or another. And what candidate is going to get up there and say they want higher taxes? Oh yeah. Mondale.

Questions?  Comments? We want to hear from you:


Somebody needs to wake up and realize that the Weak US Dollar may be good for exporters but it is causing a huge increase in the cost of crude oil and NOBODY is talking about it.
— Dave J.

I'm no longer concerned about my taxes or family foreclosures and bankruptcy.  I'm more concerned with the culture of deceit that runs through all of the financial institutions, the entire government bureaocracy, and general corporate management.  I can't save.  I can barely keep ahead of debt.  Pay increases are minimal and not helpful. But corporations fire management quite generously and the stock market is broadly held to be a great place to be?  Conservative government expands debt faster than money can be printed and Wall Street fears Democrats?  Congress agrees on a minimal stimulus package for the poor based on the terms randomly established by the President who leads in creating the problem.  But leaves out the poorest and most indebted?
In the past seven years we have ingrained a culture of distrust and eliteism. The "people" agree that change is necessary and that the economy is the leading crisis.  But the leading analysts grade the changers as most frightening and most corrupt.         
— Carl F.

Well inflation is a concern of mine, I am a cattle producer and the price of grain and hay is going thru the roof and the lack of policy concerning the value of US Dollar is another problem area. Also if the Democrats get elected then watch for huge healthcare and payroll taxes increases and if the Republicans are reelected then we have to watch for overall out of control spending. So in saying all that I really don't see alot of positive news coming anytime soon.
— David P.

I'm ... not at all sure that the Federal Reserve is on the right track. When there are no further rate cuts to be had, then what??? Also, what about the people who have sacrificed to build a small nest egg for their retirement years, and now cannot get a decent rate of interest because of the rate cuts?
— juneemoon

The economy is not nearly as bad as it is portrayed to be. Only those stupid enough to loan money to high risk borrowers are getting killed. They should take their lumps while the rest of us go about our own business.
— gib b.

Issue: Making the U.S. government live within its means.
— Don C.