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Emerging markets bring to mind Russia, China, India, Brazil and maybe a few others. But with all the BRIC countries now firmly locked into the global economy, it may be time to start looking to new frontiers. Tim Seymour, frequent Fast Money guest and expert in emerging markets said on CNBC’s Closing Bell that he is focused on a new trifecta of global hot spots: Taiwan, Chile and Malaysia.

As relations between Taiwan and China improve and a better perception about Taiwan’s economic relationship with China emerges, Seymour believes Taiwanese stocks have emerged as a new investment hotbed, especially as Taiwanese stocks are cheap on a valuation basis and are defensive by nature. He particularly likes Taiwanese tech stocks, recommending AU Optronics, United Microelectronics and Taiwan Semiconductor .

Sticking to Asia, Seymour pointed to Malaysia as another new space in the area that is showing signs of growth while its neighbors slow. Industrial and manufacturing production is especially strong in country and there’s also significant exposure to technology there.

Finally, Chile rounds out Seymour’s batch of new emerging markets. He likes Chilean utilities and Chile Telecom in particular, which he said is defensive to other Latin names.