Recession Nerves = Great Buying Opportunity

Andrew Fisher

David Spika, WHG Funds vice president, isn't afraid to use the "R" word -- but he's no bear.  He thinks the recession talk is overdone, making now a great time to buy stocks.

Jeff Krumpelman of Fifth Third Asset Management also hears opportunity knocking.

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"I think the market is confused and nervous about how far left or right we are of zero," Krumpelman told CNBC.

"So we'll have continued volatility while it's figuring that out. But if you ask me over the next nine to 12 months if I thought this is a good time to be building positions, absolutely, I think it is."

"The market's pretty much priced into a recession, and priced into a pretty significant recession," Spika said.  "Regardless of whether we have one, now is a good time to buy."

So what buys look good?  He likes The Walt Disney Co.

"If the economy goes into a significant, protracted recession, consumer-related stocks are going to get hurt -- but we don't think that's the case, and Disney's trading at a 20-year low valuation right now," Spika said. 

"We think we'd be stupid not to be buying it here."

Krumpelman's confidence extends all the way to biotechnology.  One biotech stock that he likes even better than pharmaceuticals: Celgene .

"I think it's misleading just to say, let's flock to large-cap pharmaceutical companies that have very unimpressive growth rates." he said.  "I feel much safer with...Celgene."

He said the company "has a strong franchise, with a 35 percent growth profile."