What the Pros Like: Where to Invest In This Market

Brooke Sopelsa,| Video Producer

Stocks are having another up and down day. So CNBC asked the experts where they would put their money in this kind of market.

Betting on Disney

"Disney's trading at a 20-year low valuation right now.  We think we'd be stupid not to be buying it here."

David Spika, WHG Funds

The Case for Celgene

“I think it’s misleading just to say, let’s flock to large-cap pharmaceutical companies that have very unimpressive growth rates.  I feel much safer with…Celgene …which has a strong franchise, with a 35 percent growth profile.”

Jeff Krumpelman of Fifth Third Asset Management

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Five-Star International Picks

“The energy story’s for real.  Supply-demand balance worldwide is strong, so the prices are going to hold up for oil.  We like to invest in oil companies that are increasing production and Petrobras is one of the few worldwide that’s increasing production.”

James Moffett, UMB Scout International Fund Lead Portfolio Manager

Moffett recommends: Petrobras and Novo Nordisk

Market Pulse Check

Hard-Hit Sectors

“I think that what we need to be buying right now are areas of the market that have already adjusted and corrected for this economic slowdown we’re talking about.  That leads you to one obvious area, which is the financials, an area that I’m positive on.  Another area to consider here would be a lot of areas in small caps.  We’ve seen a lot of sector rotation away from small cap stocks, and it’s not well known to everybody, but small caps hit a bear market last month in the broader market selloff.”

Craig Peckham, Jefferies & Co.



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Large-Cap Tech Stocks

“The two areas where I think we’ll see the most strength, the most spectacular growth, are emerging markets, particularly China, and the large-cap technology stocks.  I think both of those areas are going to benefit the most from the recovery and growth we see here coming up.”

Ernest Hathaway, Financial Strategies Institute