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Chicago Auto Show: Corvette "Best" Value, Ford's Web "Drive"


A couple of items from the Chicago Auto Show that may not be getting the attention they deserve. Intellichoice has released its best overall value awards and, not surprisingly, Toyota'sPrius is the best overall car under $24,000.

What is surprising is Chevy Corvette convertible being the best overall value car over $24,000. I say it's surprising because the Corvette is not often associated with value. But the fact of the matter is it has long delivered the best "bang for the buck" among sports cars.

A total of 33 models were considered the best in their class. You can see if you car or truck is a winner at

Web behind the WheelFord unveiled its latest connectivity feature with Ford Work Solutions. Starting this fall, the technology will be offered in over a million Ford vehicles--mostly F-series pick-ups.

Ford Work Solutions will let you surf the web on the navigation screen of your truck when it's parked. It's targeted primarily at construction workers and those who have their trucks double as an office. There are other features in Ford Work Solutions that will make it attractive to those in the trades.

Ford's New Software

But more importantly, it's the next step the automakers are taking with tech firms like Microsoft to let us be "connected" when driving. I have mixed thoughts on this. But given drivers will use their BlackBerry's, text on cell phones, etc. when driving,I'm glad to see there our efforts to make staying connected easier and safer.

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