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Warren Buffett Makes News (and Money) in Canada

Warren Buffett answered questions for almost 90 minutes yesterday during his appearance in Toronto to promote Business Wire's expansion into Canada.

We focused on his credit, dollar and economy comments, but he made a lot of other news as well, including a revelation to Canada's National Post newspaper that he made "several hundred million dollars" owning the Canadian dollar, then sold, and now wishes he had kept his holdings in the Loonie.

Here's a sampling:

National Post (Canada): Buffett loves that Loonie, Buffett: No economic bailout necessary (Interview with FP),Wit and wisdom of Omaha's sage

Globe and Mail (Toronto): Buffett sitting on his wallet

Canadian Press:Oracle of Omaha Warren Buffett says U.S. dollar likely to continue to decline

CBC: Warren Buffett says recession wouldn't change way he operates

Telegraph (UK):  Warren Buffett blames banks for meltdown

Reuters: Buffett - Bank woes are "poetic justice"

Bloomberg:Buffett Sees No Credit Crunch, Forecasts Lower Dollar

Dow Jones via Market Watch: Warren Buffett says U.S. dollar 'worthless' if account deficit persists

BUT WAIT!  Buffett called CNBC's Becky Quick during Squawk Box to tell us he said "worth less" not "worthless."  ("Worthless" did seem like an strong exaggeration for the normally cautious Buffett.)   See the new WBW post Warren Buffett to CNBC: Dollar May Become "Worth Less" .. Not "Worthless".

By the way, Buffett isn't alone in looking beyond the U.S. dollar.  Turns out, 'Euros Accepted' signs are showing up in some New York City stores frequented by foreign tourists.

Business Wire, a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary, has posted audio of the entire event.

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