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CNBC Presents "The Millionaire Inside: 'Til Debt Do Us Part" on Thursday, February 14th

Beth Goldman

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J., February 8, 2008 --- Money is one of the leading causes of divorce in America. On Thursday, February 14th at 9PM and 12AM ET, CNBC, First in Business Worldwide, presents "The Millionaire Inside: 'Til Debt Do Us Part," a couples guide to eliminating debt and getting on the road to a wealthy partnership.

The one-hour CNBC special event, hosted by CNBC's Erin Burnett in front of a live studio audience, examines how a couple's finances directly impacts their marriage and, more importantly, arms them with the tools and actionable strategies to wipe out debt and commit to investing in their financial future together.

CNBC's "The Millionaire Inside: 'Til Debt Do Us Part" reveals the debt confessions of real couples struggling with the harsh realities and implications of debt-causes ranging from the mortgage meltdown and housing downturn, military debt, baby boomers that can't afford to retire to couples coping with pre-marital debt. CNBC helps these couples confront their debt head-on, take the necessary steps to pay it down and establish their financial goals. With the help of our esteemed money mentors, CNBC exposes the biggest money marriage mistakes and forces couples to get real about money together. The special also provides partnership plans that couples can customize to their own debt circumstances.

CNBC's "The Millionaire Inside: 'Til Debt Do Us Part" features a panel of renowned financial masters including award-winning financial advisor Ric Edelman, "Generation Debt" author Carmen Wong Ulrich, nationally recognized credit expert John Ulzheimer and peak performance trading coach Dr. Doug Hirschhorn. Each of our money mentors provides the secrets to managing money as a couple and the blueprints to a healthy financial future.

Debt and financial stress are urgent issues couples need to face together and CNBC's money mentors along with CNBC's personal finance reporter Sharon Epperson are here to help. Following the February 14th premiere of CNBC's "The Millionaire Inside: 'Til Debt Do Us Part," join them for an hour-long web cam chat as they continue to help couples take control of their money and address viewer questions. For more information, including debt blogs, profiles of our debt experts, case studies, "partnership plans" and to ask the experts your questions, go to

CNBC's "The Millionaire Inside: 'Til Debt Do Us Part" will re-air on Saturday, February 16th at 10PM ET and on Monday, February 18th at 12 NOON ET.

CNBC's "The Millionaire Inside" is an exciting new series, featuring an unprecedented roster of today's top money mentors. With each show, our financial masters address a different topic of building and maintaining wealth.

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