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Dendreon/Provenge Petition: It Ain't Me On There

Anyone who has followed the Dendreon /Provenge saga knows there are a lot of passionate people attached to it. And apparently one of them may go by the name Mike Huckman.

Last night it was brought to my attention that my name appears (or appeared) on line 277 of this online petition.

It ain't me. There may be another Mike Huckman out there who supports the effort and who signed the petition, but I think it's a stretch. Unless the petition organizers can determine it's another Mike Huckman, I've been assured the "signature" will be removed asap, if it hasn't been taken off already. I suspect it's someone's idea of a prank or attempt to show someone named Mike Huckman is on their side.

I'd like to keep this blog entry light. But I need to be blunt, so no one gets the wrong idea. This Mike Huckman did not and will not sign a petition--for Provenge or any other story or company I cover.

As a reporter/journalist, I even tell all the petition signature gatherers who station themselves outside my local Starbucks fighting municipal issues that I don't put my John Hancock on that stuff.

On second thought, the only one I might consider signing is one to put speed humps and/or increase speed traps on my street to keep drivers barreling through the neighborhood.

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