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Readers on Media Recession Hype: Guilty!

Is the media fanning the flames of recession with all its coverage of economic turmoil? Yes, according to the majority of email traffic we received over the weekend.

Such much for my point that the coverage is necessary.

The media is NOT presenting a "balanced" view. You are hyping the recessionary viewpoint. How about giving equal time to "officials" and "gurus" with a contrarian opinion. I know there are plenty of credible sources on the other side of this storyline. -- Steve in Atlanta

I agree that it is the totality of opinions that serve the best interest of the public but it is the obsessive repetition of the recession scenario, by those who only have opinion and speculation, that makes matters worse. -- Tom K.

I absolutely think that the media has done a great job of scaring the hell out of this Country and World with all of their continuous talk of Recession starting out with how bad "they" perceived the Sub-Prime situation to be and when that started to settle down a little bit..."they" the media jumped on the Recession wagon. -- Alan R.

First wall street expects profit numbers to grow and meet expectations i.e. Retail. Then all they talk about 24/7 is recession, slowdown, folks not spending as much. Then the numbers come in ahead or slightly less than what they expect and they sell off the good companies. It's no wonder why no new cash is going into the market. It is a self fulfilling prophecy that the news and gurus cause, then they whine about it. -- James H.

Still, some folks think the media is just trying to do what it needs to do.

It is your responsibility to report on all the faces of the economy and quite honestly I know you try hard NOT to fuel what is about to happen. I wish you would caution more about the ensuing and necessary cleansing that is coming. -- Pat. B.

Those who think we're talking ourselves into a recession are, more than likely, the same people who talked us into a prolonged state of extreme optimism that created the current quagmire. -- Mutowsky

Stories about a recession help to prepare people who may not be feeling the effects of a recession to know what is going on in the world and what they can do to help themselves. -- Michelle D.

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