Tech Skeptic's Surprise Stock Picks

Andrew Fisher

Five-star fund manager Gerald Jordan is not a big fan of technology stocks.  So why are two of his favorites deep in the heart of techs?

"I think large-cap growth in general is absolutely the place to be," he told CNBC.  "Some of the stocks are as cheap as we've seen."

Investors in his Jordan Opportunity Fund seem to think that it is the place to be:  The fund gained 25.8 percent last year.

"A couple of names I really like right now are -- and I think it's indicative of how we manage the Jordan Opportunity Fund -- are Oracle...and Cisco as well, but Oracle in particular," he said.

Jordan likes Oracle's installed base, current growth rate, and product roll-outs planned for the second half of the year.

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His skepticism about technology comes through in his attitude toward Microsoft and Yahoo.

"I think this is two companies that are having a very hard time competing with Google," he said. 

"They think that by getting together, that's going to help them.  History would say that it usually doesn't."