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Dendreon's "Run Up" And My Interview With Chantix Article Writer

There was a mini-rally and spike in volume in shares of good ol' Dendreon this morning and early afternoon. The run-up occured ahead of CEO Dr. Mitchell Gold's presentation at the BIO CEO conference in New York City at 1:15 ET. Just in case someone may have known something, I listened into the live webcast on the company's web site (you can register to listen to the replay here).

But it was uneventful, nothing new. Dr. Gold stuck to his formal PowerPoint slides and script and even when he opened it up for questions, no one spoke up and the session ended. I have no idea how many people were in the room. Since then, the stock has given back about half of its gain.

Separately, I wanted to plug what I think could be a pretty interesting live interview on "Squawk Box" tomorrow morning. We have booked the author of the New York Magazine article about Pfizer's Chantix that I blogged about yesterday. 

Derek de Koff will be in studio with me and the whole "Squawk" crew at about 7:20 a.m. ET tomorrow. Hope you can tune in. Coincidentally, this morning I was at 30 Rock (NBC HQ) in NYC to get a new picture taken to replace the one you see at the top of this page (I haven't parted my hair on the side for years).

Anyway, the photographer and I were chatting about what I've been working on and I mentioned we were trying to get an interview with Mr. de Koff. She hadn't heard about or read his article yet, but she had heard of Chantix. In fact, she told me she went on the drug and that it worked really well in terms of reducing her cravings. She said it made taking a drag on a cigarette taste like she was licking an ashtray. That's her description. But, she has since gone off Chantix because she was having nightmares. The nightmares, she said, have stopped. Her smoking has not.

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