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Mad Mail: Brocade Reversal

Mad Mail

Dear Cramer:
You are starting to sound like a woman! I bought Brocade because you recommended it not very long ago, and now that things went south you are no longer bullish on it. With nothing changing, how can you change your mind? You are a brilliant man, however I just don’t understand how just a few months later you let us down, calling it just another bad tech stock. --David

Cramer says: Brocade blew the quarter. I was bullish on the stock thinking it would report a breakout quarter but I was wrong and I changed my orientation to reflect the miss.


Hey Cramer: You throw like a girl!


James (The Sandy Koufax of Egg Toss) Cramer: I laughed pretty darn hard last night in regards to your egg toss! I was rather amazed at your accuracy. You got an arm! I believe you were on target 16 of 18 (1 miss and 1 hand smash). You were also mixing up those egg tosses pretty well: slider egg, knuckle egg, sinker egg. You might be drafted to tossing the opening day "egg" for MLB!?! --Bill

>Watch Cramer throw eggs at a picture of AIG CEO Martin Sullivan on Monday's show

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