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Reader Poll: Separate The Speculators?

You just interviewed Sen. Robert Bennett, of the Banking Committee, who said when asked about the foreclosure moratorium, in effect "you can't separate the speculators from the legitimate homeowners". This type of non-thinking is what's wrong with our government. 

-- Bob R.

I am not the smartest person in the world, but I hear all the gurus & supposedly knowledgeable people talk about the housing loan problem... is it good - is it bad - are we bailing out FLIPPERS.... man, common sense says to just bail out those who LIVE IN THEIR ONLY RESIDENCE !!!!   If they own more then ONE property ---- NO HELP....period.... it sure does not take a genius to figure this out.... 

- Joe

I thought Joe and Bob both made really interesting points. And that brings us to our reader poll. What do you think? Tell us now.

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