Behind the Wheel with Phil Lebeau

The Cars You LOVE For Valentine's Day

You love them! You really, really love them! OK, love might be a bit strong, but after I asked you to tell me what new models make your heart goes pitter patter, I heard from many over you.

Mark picks the Nissan GT-R. He writes: "For me, I'd have to say its the new Nissan GT-R. Seems like an awesome car with supercar like power, handling, braking but with a more reasonable (although still a little too rich for my wallet, LOL) price."

Eduardo also has a thing for speed. He wrote: "For me, it was the new Chevy Camaro. I like its aggressive, Darth-Vader like stance, and the memories it evokes."

Another BTW blogger has a big thing for Tata's pint sized, and $2.500, Nano, writing, "I will pay $4,000 today."

Finally Richard told me, "I think the Infiniti EX is a heart throb!

I can't argue with any of these. All are intriguing models. And some, like the Nissan GT-R are models that have caught my eye.

The point is, we need heart throb models. Sure, like many of you, I'm concerned about fuel efficiency, safety, capability and other issues with new cars. But none of those can replace the desire we need for new cars that move us. And there's no better time than Valentine's Day to remember the wheels we love.

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