Q&A with Dr. Doug: Stressed and Fearful From Losing Home to Foreclosure

Dr. Doug Hirschhorn

By Dr. Doug Hirschhorn

Question: In March of 2007 my wife and I lost our home to foreclosure.  She'd quit her job because of the stress and with a juris doctorate in hand searched for another job.  Our credit scores were destroyed by the foreclosure and the company in second position did not agree to a shortsale as a solution so therefore the home was lost.  Other than continuing to pay the current bills how do i help us rebound from this with my salary alone of @55k and 2 children?

- John from Roseville, CA

Response from Dr. Doug:

Hi John,

Thank you for sharing your story.

First and foremost, you need to remain positive-minded. View your experience as opportunities to learn and grow rather than tragedies.  We all have control over how we think and what we choose to focus on.

You need to choose to focus on putting together a life plan for you and your family. If that means creatively redefining yourself so you can generate additional income then so be it. Success really is not that complicated as it is more a matter of motivate, passion and effort than anything else.

Every second you spend focusing on a solution will take you one step closer to getting there.
As far as factors such as stress and fear, well we all experience them throughout our lives. The only question is will you and your wife move beyond those feelings or will you allow them to wrap you up and paralyze your progress?

That, John, is the ONLY real decision you and your wife need to make at this point. The choice is yours. Keep that PMA (positive mental attitude) and focus on solutions rather than problems.

-Dr. Doug