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Senator Chuck Schumer: "Don't Count Out The Clintons"

Senator Chuck Schumer

Few Democrats are as close to all side in the 2008 presidential primary race as Sen. Chuck Schumer. His home-state colleague, Hillary Clinton, is on one side. His colleague from Illinois, Barack Obama, is on the other.

And as the chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee--charged with holding and expanding the party’s Senate majority--he has to represent Senate candidates whose races might be affected by the top of the party ticket.

He was walking a fine line when I visited him in his Senate hideaway office on Wednesday. He has endorsed Clinton, as a home state colleague must, but has also seen Obama score eye popping victories in recent days. Some Democrats in “red” states prefer Obama atop the ticket.

The usually frenetic senator, fatigued after a long day, urged the two candidates in the end NOT to fight all the way to the convention. He prefers, for the good of the party, an end to the competition by June. We’ll see if he gets his wish. Here’s the video of our conversation.

Harwood & Schumer

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