Stock Picks Your Portfolio Might Love

Brooke Sopelsa

Stocks are down this Valentine's Day, and there's nothing to love about that. 

To keep investors from getting their hearts broken by their portfolios, CNBC enlisted the help of market experts.

Bullish on AJG

“That’s the No. 4 company in the industry. We do like the industry, even though the price is soft right now. We think [Arthur J.] Gallagher is well positioned to do very well in the next several years. It’s a high-recurring revenue business; great return on invested capital, key-metric of Fiduciary Management that we look for of over 15%, stock yields are almost 5%. The internal growth rate of this company is somewhere about 3-4%. With acquisitions this probably gets us up to 5-6% growth plus the dividends.”

Ted Kellner, Fiduciary Management

Down market? Trade up with CNBC's experts:


Betting on Biotech

“The reason I like Genentech short-term is on February 23 they’re awaiting approval on their Avastin drug for breast cancer.  Most investors don't think this drug is going to get approved, therefore if it doesn't, I don't think the stock falls all that much next week.  If it does get approved, however, the stock's up a lot, and I think it's got a decent shot at getting approved."

Mark Schoenebaum, Bear Stearns Biotech Analyst

Schoenebaum recommends: Genentech , Amgen and Human Genome Sciences



Time to Show Stocks Love?

The Case for Comcast

“We think that Comcast is worth in the high 20s, low 30s, so today would just be the tip of the iceberg.  What’s interesting about it, is they had an earnings beat, but their guidance for next year was not particularly wonderful, but the stock is up because expectations were so low…They’re a little more focused on shareholders, they did start a dividend, which is their first ever, they’ll increase that over time, they increased their share buyback and committed to the timeframe.”

David Katz, Matrix Asset Advisors Chief Investment Officer

Katz recommends: Comcast and AIG