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Cramer's Flu Stock

Bullish on QDEL

Flu season sucks. You down vitamin C, overdose on Airborne, all the while obsessively washing your hands, and you still get sick. If only that coughing, sneezing brown-noser in the cubicle next to you – you know, the one who’s never taken a day off? – had just stayed home.

But Cramer might have found a way for you to profit off your misery. Diagnostic company Quidel makes flu (and other) tests, and the business is quietly booming as more and more cases are reported across the U.S.

Analysts are completely unaware of the trend because the season started off so slowly. The lack of earnings revisions proves it. And this means Quidel’s growth is not yet in the numbers.

But it will be once the company reports earnings Feb. 21. Cramer said that’s when most investors will find out how well Quidel, which owns 70% of the U.S. market, is doing, and the stock will soar. So you might want to buy some QDEL before then.

The stock’s more than just a trade, though. It’s a great long-term investment, too. Quidel’s QuickVue products are moving overseas, reducing its exposure to the lagging U.S. economy, and the fundamentals stand up to Cramer’s rigor: The balance sheet’s strong, the buyback’s healthy, and the stock’s cheap.

If Cramer’s thesis proves right, you'll just have to forgive that guy in the cubicle next to you. He might have done your portfolio a favor.

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