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MoveOn.Org: My Interview With Exec Director Eli Pariser

The liberal “netroots” group MoveOn.org has emerged as a force in Democratic politics in recent years. It estimates that its 2.3-million members in 2004 donated $180-million to political causes, not to mention activism aside from their checkbooks. Now the organization boasts 3.2-million members.

MoveOn.org is throwing its weight behind Barack Obama in the 2008 Democratic primaries; the group endorsed Obama just before Super Tuesday.

And now that Obama has taken the lead over Hillary Clinton in “pledged” delegates selected by voters, MoveOn is trying to dissuade the free agent “super-delegates” from tilting the race in a different direction from primary voters.

MoveOn.org & the Campaign

I chatted with executive director Eli Pariser today about the Obama endorsement, and why he thinks it would be a “disaster” for Democrats is “super-delegates” rather than voter-selected delegates prove decisive in the Obama-Clinton race.


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