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Microsoft's Macro Game Outlook

John Schappert

John Schappert runs Microsoft's Iive, interactive entertainment businesses, joining the company in August after a career in game development for companies like Electronic Arts . He's giving the keynote speech at this year's huge Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, where 16,000 industry pros are gathering to discuss what's next in this $19 billion industry.

This is the first time Microsoft is giving the keynote since 2005, and everyone is expecting big news--especially as Sony has won the DVD format wars with Blu-Ray, which comes installed in every PS3.

The speech starts at 10:30a pacific. I'll be in the room. If news breaks, I'll bring it to you here on the blog asap. I'm also interviewing Schappert and will have parts of that conversation on Street Signs and The Closing Bell.

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